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HP-Laptop-Batteries-Adapters.co.uk is an online supplier of replacement hp compaq batteries & ac adapters for hp compaq Laptops, including many brand models as hp compaq pavilion mini touchsmart probook presario hstnn evo armada series! Offer all kinds of hp compaq notebook batteries, 100% compatible with the original hp compaq laptop batteries, 1 year warranty!

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Extension of the HP laptop battery standby time tips:
To close down the screen (quick key Fn+F3) when the notebook idles.
To lower the LCD brightness suitably (quick key Fn+Home/End) when using your laptop .
To close down the the infrared port, the blue tooth and the wireless network card, when not in use.(quick key Fn+F5)
To close down the port and the equipments which use unfrequently (for example: And mouth LPT, Modem)
To Pull out the external connection equipments which use unfrequently (for example: The PC card and the light drive).

HP Laptop Battery usage tips:
First time usage: suggestion to activate the electricity core activeness by battery at least completely charge more than 2 times.
General Usage: Avoiding to use the HP laptop battery power below 3%.
Regulation of cell: Please use PowerManager program timely to check the battery status When discovery the time-usage short of the battery power. If battery life in poor, please run the battery in recuperation program.

Each lithium battery in 400-800 times frequency to be charged and discharged. External power supply to be used long time, please removed batteries! This not only helps machine to reduce quantity of heat, further increasing battery durability. Because each time switching on a power is quite filling a electricity. Never in the cases with batteries repeatedly inserted power, this is the act most easy to damage the HP laptop batteries.

As for long periods of time without electricity, please note maintenanceof battery. Note the environment temperature and humidity. Please don't put it on wet places. Please keep ventilated. The hp laptop battery must maintain electricity, and should fill electricity every month or so. Better to remain in power electricity about 50 percent.

Please note:
Battery using time relates with laptops CPU processor speed, applications, the screen brightness, wireless equipment, Expansion port and battery service life, so the battery factors related with actual use time may be mentioned above but have some difference.
Because of the physical characteristics , the battery is itself a kind of consumables, often effected by the period of time revolution and frequency ,the user habits , the environmental temperature and other factors etc.,to gradually reduce itself usage time.
Please properly process the old hp laptop battery which already expired! Do not discard at will!

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